Saturday, January 21, 2012


A lot of people had already asked about me and him. I just wanna say it briefly here. Its nobody's fault, though I am guilty about this. But its really hard to maintain a long distance relationship. And as I will put my work as my top priority now, and in the meantime working will also means traveling for me, dating is not an option. NO MORE LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP!!!


I am gonna write down all my ups and down, my travels, my food and all the good and bad experience here. I am a keyboardist, playing music with my awesome band member, the Summer Romance. Where do we play? On ship, cruise ship of course. I started playing with the band on the ship since last year. And that's the most awesome year I had. It was my first time to leave home, to work overseas, to have my first boyfriend, to break up, and to travel to so many places.

I am sorta regretted for not putting down what I've done and experience. As I am going back to the ship and continue traveling to some 'new' places (Asia mostly), I am not gonna miss the chance to record down everything I had experience on the ship and the places I have visited.