Thursday, February 27, 2014


You are a musician, what kind of people will you blacklist from working with anymore?
1. Not a good listener, couldn't blend in with other musicians.
2. Playing sucks, wrong notes, wrong chords, rhythm out, out tune.

... I could sometimes fit in these category, I admit. But gladly, I wasn't blacklisted yet, as I think these few are the much severe things that a lot of musicians falled in.
1. Late, often late (I would never let myself be late to any shows)
2. Lazy (personally, I dun mind if you don't practice ur own skill, but music for the band?)
3. Arrogant (If you are strong musically, ok, lead the band, if not, shut up and listen)

These are all talent vs attitude kinda thing. Balance things up. Musicians that are really good tends to have bad attitude but those who have good attitude does better in their career. But if you are not that talented, you ll have to have a very good attitude, you are gonna be successful one day too. Sorry to say but if you are not that talented, wanted to be successful but fit in to the last 3 categories, even with hundreds of chances, you are never gonna be called a musician.

Attitude is important in any area of life, as a musician, chef, clerk, or as a girlfriend/boyfriend, husband/wife. We have to be really aware of this.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

What am I Doing Now?

I guess this is the place I can share things with. Not many people will read my post, and I take this blog as my personal diary to share with people who don't need to care about me.

Next week, I ll start my 3rd year of working on the ship. A lot of people thinks that I have a perfect job. Get to work my hobby out, free traveling, short working hours, no stress. At first, I thought so too. When I came back for vacation, I had some replacement gigs and function (jus to cover a lil of my non-paid-vacation back home), I felt so lazy getting out from the house, stuck in the jam for hours, carrying a 13kg keyboard (+7kgs of the case), getting paid lower than I usually do. I was like "maybe I should just stay home for these 2 months", though, I din really stop gigging when I had the chance to. But slowly, I get use to working on land, in fact I start to enjoy it. Fortunately, I get to work with some talented musicians, playing very different type of repertoire each gig. I start to remember when I first started gigging.

Of course, I don't remember anymore when I start my first gig with whom n all the DeTAILs, but I remember I ve spent days of practice on my own, n hours of practice with the band, just for 1 regular replacement gig. It was tiring, n time consuming, but, that was when I can feel that I improved and I ve learn. I never meant that I don't practice or learn anymore, it's just that I don't have that motivation anymore. It's too 'cozy' working in the ship that I almost forgot that I NeEd to practice.

Watching my musicians friend around, I feel that I m the most terrible pianist. Why? Imagine repeating 200 songs for 2 years compared to 30 songs each gig, and at least 3 gigs per week. Not to mention people who teach too. If only I never start working in the ship, will I be one of them too? Always thinking that my band is good enough to survive, just comparing to people in that vessel, but 1 time, I went to a small cafe, this acoustic duo was performing simple song with their amazing voices while playing with their respective instruments, I feel like I am some lil girl who just came out from her small small world. I am really doubting that if I should continue working in the ship. I think I've sounded too pessimistic. Working in the ship have a lot of advantages too. Just that I don't feel like mentioning I this particular post, because that's not the point.

Anyway, just as I start to get use to gigging on land, I have to start my 3rd contract. With the extra time I have there, I ll think about this matter seriously. Of course, I wouldn't write this post if I ll be with my Teddy on this coming contract. If only he will be there, I ll enjoy my contract like honeymoon... Who cares who needs to practice!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Its a failure again. I dint even finish my blog that I wrote before my contract started 6 months ago. And now, I start to write this again because I feel helpless and I don't want too many people to know but I wanna share it.

I feel really good working on a ship. Freedom, a lot of freedom. But recently, a news came from my family that makes me feel that working in the ship is a very bad choice. My granny was diagnose with leukemia. I m 1 of the family and i cant do anything, to take care of her, and just to see her. I really want to go back now, and at least just look at her, talk to her, and i wanna take care of her. I dunno what to do now, as i don't think i cant go back except if i resign..... all i can do now is pray.

Saturday, January 21, 2012


A lot of people had already asked about me and him. I just wanna say it briefly here. Its nobody's fault, though I am guilty about this. But its really hard to maintain a long distance relationship. And as I will put my work as my top priority now, and in the meantime working will also means traveling for me, dating is not an option. NO MORE LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP!!!


I am gonna write down all my ups and down, my travels, my food and all the good and bad experience here. I am a keyboardist, playing music with my awesome band member, the Summer Romance. Where do we play? On ship, cruise ship of course. I started playing with the band on the ship since last year. And that's the most awesome year I had. It was my first time to leave home, to work overseas, to have my first boyfriend, to break up, and to travel to so many places.

I am sorta regretted for not putting down what I've done and experience. As I am going back to the ship and continue traveling to some 'new' places (Asia mostly), I am not gonna miss the chance to record down everything I had experience on the ship and the places I have visited.