Thursday, February 27, 2014


You are a musician, what kind of people will you blacklist from working with anymore?
1. Not a good listener, couldn't blend in with other musicians.
2. Playing sucks, wrong notes, wrong chords, rhythm out, out tune.

... I could sometimes fit in these category, I admit. But gladly, I wasn't blacklisted yet, as I think these few are the much severe things that a lot of musicians falled in.
1. Late, often late (I would never let myself be late to any shows)
2. Lazy (personally, I dun mind if you don't practice ur own skill, but music for the band?)
3. Arrogant (If you are strong musically, ok, lead the band, if not, shut up and listen)

These are all talent vs attitude kinda thing. Balance things up. Musicians that are really good tends to have bad attitude but those who have good attitude does better in their career. But if you are not that talented, you ll have to have a very good attitude, you are gonna be successful one day too. Sorry to say but if you are not that talented, wanted to be successful but fit in to the last 3 categories, even with hundreds of chances, you are never gonna be called a musician.

Attitude is important in any area of life, as a musician, chef, clerk, or as a girlfriend/boyfriend, husband/wife. We have to be really aware of this.

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